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Welcome to my Holberton School Website Project. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Here I will share a few things about me as well as some information about the things I care about and things I like to do when I have some free time. Some of these will have their own page within the website so feel free to check them out and of course ask me any questions you have about any of those topics. I love talking about things I love and 'recruiting' new people to all those amazing communities.

About Me

So my name is Julija and just by the spelling of my name you can probably tell that I wasn't born here in the United States. I was actually born and raised in Serbia.

Serbia used to be part of Yugoslavia and is located in the center of Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. Serbia is a small country with a lot of character. We love to eat and party and drink a lot of coffee and rakija (pronounced rah-key-ya). Rakija is a fruit brandy (plum being most common one) popular in the Balkans and in most cases home-produced. If you ever go to Belgrade make sure you go to Skadarlija. Skadarlija is a vintage cobblestone street located in the Belgrade's Old Town that is generally considered main bohemian quarter of Belgrade. You'll find a lot of traditional cuisine there, as well as rakija and beer and most taverns have live bands playing traditional Serbian music. There is a lot of history you can learn about that took place in Old Town. But telling you more about that would require a whole other website.

I love Serbia so much but there is something about California and especially Bay Area that makes me think I would never be able to live anywhere else. I love the weather, people, diversity, different cultures, and opportunities to learn something new every day. There is the ocean, mountains, national parks, beautiful nature all around and then there is also Silicon Valley. Is there anything that Bay Area doesn't have?

And I love Bay Area more than anything because that is where I met my husband of almost 10 years now. It's where our home is with two of our crazy dogs that make us laugh every day.

This is Dynamo - he is 7 yrs old rottweiler/lab mix who carries all the worlds problems on his back.

And this is Diesel, a 3 yr old German Shepard/Akita mix who does not have a worry in the world.

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